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Criminal and Administrative Law

You are suspected of having committed a crime. You or your company is being prosecuted or fined for violation of criminal or any kind of administrative law. What are your options?

A police transaction or a verdict by the OM? In those cases no judge will be involved. The same goes for the so called Tomtom- and Tommi-sessions which are held by the public prosecutor. No check by an independent judge to see if there is sufficient evidence. Still, a conviction will be added to your criminal record.

Family Law

Your relationship with your partner and/or children is the most precious thing there is. If anything about it goes wrong, it touches you severely.

A divorce, alimony, supervision order or even placement in a foster home of your children, it's unbearable to even think about such things.

Verdicts by a judge in family or youth cases have long lasting effects and directly influence your daily life. That's why it's of the utmost importance that you receive the right amount of guidance when preparing court sessions.